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Understanding hairdressing tools

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Understanding hair tools
First, scissors, comb categories:
1, double-sided comb cut comb :() while coarse teeth, the distribution line: a fine-tooth side, trimmed hair.
2, pointed tail comb: perm main tool, evening styling is also available.
3. Thinning comb: teeth of different lengths, the main tool of the evening, with light hair styling.
4, Scissors: can be divided into 5-inch, 5.5-inch, 6-inch, 7-inch.
5, teeth cut: When using the amount of fat removal (thinning shears). Scissors can be divided into two-sided: the removal of some of the hair less (duplex unit is tooth);-sided teeth cut: the amount of hair removal more (side teeth, side cut).
6, clippers: Push flat or men from the corner with.
7, ribs comb: arc-shaped tooth surface for blowing lines or fluffy hair root when used.
8, nine rows of comb: blow blowing straight hair or brightness.
9, Yuangun comb: use blow hair root fluffy.
10, comb hair roll: with fine cashmere, used for blowing large flower with a time of stay in the sea or blow.
11, comb package: Evening main tool, comb down after
12, hair comb: Use or when the film is inverted hair dyeing (toothed side, side to comb).
13, large tooth comb: tooth wide, use the hair.
Second, the electrical category:
1, hairdryer: dry hair, use hair style (size into power 1000w or 2000w) with wind mouth, played the role of poly wind, blowing straight. Wind cover, use a large flower blow drying hair.
2, electrical clamp: When using modeling evening, the main tool (clincher hair).
3, electric splint straighten the board :() divided into: ① modeling plywood - modeling (non-thermostat); ② ion plywood - do hot plasma during use. It can be divided according to temperature: 120 degrees, 140 degrees (damaged hair) 160 degrees, 180 degrees
4, baking oil machine: After the hot water to produce steam, used to make conductive film or a perm time.
5, Dryer: heat, hair dryer (for bigger flowers, 15-20 minutes).
Third, the clip categories:
1, duckbill clip: used for temporarily fixing the hair;
2, the corrugated folder: use (Push corrugated temporarily fixed hair) evening when modeling;
3, flat clip: do hollow volume use, or the use of modeling when evening.
4, hairpin: the main tool to do the evening:
5, the butterfly clip: use temporarily fixed hair.
Fourth, classification:
1, haircut tools: ① scissors; ② comb; ③ clip; ④ kettle; ⑤ clippers; ⑥ Wai cloth.
2, hair tools: ① Wai cloth; ② dye bowl; ③ dye brush; ④ gloves; ⑤ towels; ⑥ kettle; ⑦ large tooth comb (to prevent uneven color); ⑧ clip.
3, evening tools: ① package comb; ② pointed tail comb; ③ clip; ④ hairpin; ⑤ corrugated comb; ⑥ hair gel.
4, perm tools: ① taping; ② pointed tail comb; ③ rubber band; ④ made paper; ⑤ clip; ⑥ Wai cloth; ⑦ baked aircraft.
V. Maintenance: 1, scissors: Do not cut hard objects with the tip. After using the




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